Wired's use of GitHub to publish an article about GitHub reminds me of Jordan Wirfs-Brock's Knight-Mozilla idea

Published 2012-03-03

At Wired offices, you hear the question over and over again as we work on stories like the one you’re reading now: “Are you out of the story? I want to go in.” We have a version control problem. We publish Wired.com on WordPress. It’s a decent publishing tool, but when two people change a story at the same time, one of them doesn’t get her changes onto the final story.

We published our GitHub story on GitHub because it was meta-cool. But we also did it to see if GitHub might actually help us solve our problem.

Because Jordan Wirfs-Brock worked through the idea of a collaboration system for journalists last summer as part of the Knight-Mozilla Journalism Learning Lab. I think it had legs then and I think it has legs now...