Via @samgf: Why I Dumped My iPhone - And I'm Not Going Back

Published 2011-10-06

When I had an iPhone, the Internet was no longer a destination; it was on me every day, like a piece of clothing I put on first thing in the morning. When I get tempted to return to that life, I ask myself: Do I really want the Internet to be something I feel naked without?  
<p>Over the past two weeks -- while in Europe, where my AT&T iPhone didn't really work and thus I couldn't look at it every 30 seconds -- I had similar thought to the role the internet has taken in my life. Granted, I work for a news organization's online department. But in my mind, maybe all the more reason to eschew the internets while away from the office?

Back in the summer of 2008, while ramping up to become the online editor for the paper I worked for, I began to digest anything and everything related to mobile phone technology, web design and digital news/online journalism. While innovations occur everyday, and news ideas and thoughts are being put into place, do I need to continue to study every day?