Three Fusion Tables walkthroughs to play with

Published 2012-05-09

Three excellent Fusion Tables walkthroughs/how-to’s made their way to the NICAR email list in the last month, and if you’re interested in getting started with the mapping/data table service, you can’t go wrong with these.

Peter Aldhous, the San Francisco Bureau Chief for New Scientist magazine, offers this walkthrough on using Fusion Tables to created a map illustrating the intensity of violent crime in Chicago.

Peter’s walktrhough is great for beginners who are using Fusion Tables for the first time, or for advanced beginners that want to begin moving away from using the iframe embed and delve into using html, css and javascript to take control of their maps and unleash their imagination.

Mary Jo Webster, who works for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, has posted a webinar and related materials, complete with example data and code snippets.

Last but not least, Brittny Goodsell, who is a Cronkite News Service reporter/multimedia producer, has put together this Fusion Tables how-to on data visualization subtitled “Don’t Be Scared. It’s Not That Hard.”

And if you’re looking for some more ideas, I’ve tried my best to curate and catalog walkthroughs and experiments and news about Fusion Tables. Let me know what I’m missing.