"This collaboration allows all of us to serve our readers better" via @tribapps

Published 2011-09-05

More important than any individual project, we’ve found ourselves in the midst of an exploding community of news-oriented developers who are hell bent on using, contributing to, and releasing new open source code. There are now more than a dozen active news nerd blogs–almost all of them producing new open source code. This works for our industry perhaps even better than it works in the mainstream web development, because, with very few exceptions, none of us are in competition with one another. We can share code with the Washington Post, ProPublica, or the New York Times at absolutely no cost to ourselves. This collaboration allows all of us to serve our readers better.

The above passage written by Christopher Groskopf hits the mark. There is a whole group of informal co-workers out there working together, building things and helping each other "level-up."