That's a #MozNewsLab wrap, but I have a feeling we're all just getting started...

Published 2011-08-08

Well, the pitch is complete, the proposal submitted and now it's time for my last official post as part of the Mozilla-Knight Journalism Learning Lab...

I can't express enough how lucky I was to be part of such an immersive experience and be exposed to so many interesting individuals. And it's safe to say it's already had an impact on my day-to-day work with how I approach tasks, ideas and the overall mission of working with others.

Special thanks needs to go to Phillip, Alex, Jacob, Kate and Pippin and the others -- BBB and Fred! -- who helped put together four weeks of intensive learning.

Thanks to all presenters. Looking back through notes from 11 lectures I know I haven't begun to absorb everything.

To all the participants, thank you all for your inspiration, ideas, reminders and opportunities to grow. You have made this such a valuable experience.

I'm sure I will have other insights about the process and project, but for now I'm going to get my work done and head out for a week in the sun -- and away from a computer.

Let it be known, if any of you are down to work on projects, I'm in... And I've grown to love data maps.

Until the chance to collaborate arises again, let's pretend we're a small group of people who think they can inspire the world - or at least a newsroom or a journalist if given the chance. Let's go make things happen.

Chris K.