Table upon table of money & politics data available from MapLight, ready to be visualized

Published 2012-10-03

MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money’s influence on politics, announces the launch of the MapLight Money and Politics Data Set, an easy-to-access, downloadable database of MapLight-enhanced Federal Elections Commission (FEC) campaign finance data for free public use.

A link to the full release from MapLight is here

I’m think the great thing about this data being available in Fusion Tables is that it opens up data visualization projects and analysis to a lot of people on the service’s learning curve.

Want to make a quick map? Want to do something more in-depth and use Fusion Tables as a quasi-database? You can do both.

And the data is “provided free of charge for all uses that are freely available to the public.”

Here’s what’s available:

Candidate Summaries

Committee Summaries

Contributions (itemized)

Expenditures * Expenditures (Google Fusion Tables)