Some early music from GrooveDrool. It's called Nostradamus Blues

Published 2011-02-16

Now, if I had any confidence whatsoever, I'd just sing these lyrics, do a good job and call it a day. But for a guy who has spent his life singing other peoples songs, trying to match their voice, I don't know what mine sounds like. And what's worse, I'm too blasted self-concious to find the time or space or psychic distance to figure it out...

So until then, here is some early, early, early music. Like so early, I think I just learned a couple scales to solo on and said let's go to it. Listening to it now makes me smile though, and although Peter Torres and Ben Haley aren't with me on this one, I think if the three of us had time and the want, we could knock this one out of the park.

Of course the lyrics could use some work, and I could learn how to sing.

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Nostradamus Blues

Be aware, Don’t stare (The days are long when no one’s around)

Be there, Anywhere (Cause I'm not up for playing lost and found)

Her there

Her there

I walk alone where life ain’t concerned

Left behind, left to is all I have learned

You’re better than me, just wait and see

Who’ll be left when this world is history


Danger (Something somewhere will break us down)


Stranger (Hiding from the fact or the size of your crown)

Hate her

Hate her

The world’s going to hell all too soon

The reds and the greens and the blues hues

Wackos grab the macros and procreate through

Even David Koresh played bass too


Buildings, crumbling, stumbling and falling down

Night vision goggles don’t make a sound

Not when the bodies are strewn around

Being dragged by children through the street

Crows picking rocks born at their feet.

Jets taking flight in a race against time

Waters rush fast to the fight of the tides

Pilgrims leave the house behind a stained glass sneer

Book of Daniel was her manual, pumped with fear