So you want a timely sync between your Google Spreadsheet and Fusion Table...

Published 2012-04-04

…Here is a quick walkthrough of it. This is an experiment with tools in front of me, but I can’t say how this might scale or work, and I’d be sure to backup data…

And I have only tried this with a set number of rows and columns to update. I have not tried this method with a Spreadsheet that is changing in size.

  1. Create the Spreadsheet
  2. Create a Fusion Table from the Spreadsheet
  3. Add your update script to the Spreadsheet by going to Tools –> Script Editor. Be sure to add your Table ID as a variable at the beginning of the script.
  4. Run through updating the Range of Data to be Sent and Updating the table.
  5. Head back to the Script Editor and go to Resources –> Current script’s triggers.
  6. Add a new trigger for the updateFusion function. The event is Time-driven and you can then choose the increment.

You can also get email notification if a sync fails.

Again, I don’t know how well this will work or how long, only that it is possible to get this far and make some magic…

UPDATE: I received a question on the process, so here are the steps I take to manually update the Fusion Table. As noted in the comments, the time-driven update will eventually time out after 500 or so queries.


The test ss I used is here:

Have fun and…