So that's what burnout feels like?

Published 2010-07-28

The top five -- out of 21 -- from the site Adventures in Programming and Machine Learning:

1. You feel that you have too much responsibility, and your worth is determined by the productivity of others or the goodness of some process, you perceive them them/it as being low-quality and measure your self-worth from that. You are pushed to burnout.

 2. You do not feel that you are sufficiently appreciated for what you do on a day-to-day basis, you perceive that someone might appreciate you, but they don't, you are pushed to burnout.

 3. You measure your self-worth by how many useful productive items you can cram into your day, you are pushed to burnout.

4. You can't stand it when people question your capability or intelligence, regardless of how high your capability/intelligence is, you are pushed to burnout.

5. You are working 60 hours a week or more, work defined as focused goal setting, focused effort, breaking down barriers to progress, mental labor that you perceive as boring or a waste of time, you are pushed toward burnout.

There are plenty more worth looking at. I think it is something I will put on my desk to remind my ambitious self it's time to step away.