Saving up for a rainy day?

Published 2012-01-02

So our little cat -- Little Brother -- really like to play fetch with the fuzzy pom-pon type balls that you’d put on a child’s winter hat.

When I went to the shelter to find the cat that came to be known as Little Brother, I brought one of the balls with me, and he loved playing with it.

Now, we’ll lay in bed, toss the ball of the door and down the hall, and he’ll dive from the bed, run after and bring the ball back in his mouth, trotting proudly.

But, every month or so for the past year he’d lose his ball and we’d have to break out another one, or head to the store to buy more… My wife and I would sit and wonder where they all go. “There’s got to be a stash of them somewhere in this apartment,” we have said more than once.

Today, Shawn found the stash… beneath a drawer… SIX of them, all tucked away. Like a dog’s bones buried the backyard…