Paul Bradshaw walks us through importing RSS into Google Docs, and collaborating using Delicious

Published 2012-01-03

During some training in open data I was doing recently, I ended up explaining (it's a long story) how to pull a feed from Delicious into a Google Docs spreadsheet. I promised I would put it down online, so: here it is.

In a Google Docs spreadsheet the formula =importfeed will pull information from an RSS feed and put it into that spreadsheet. Titles, links, datestamps and other parts of the feed will each be separated into their own columns.

When combined with Delicious, this can be a useful way to collect together pages that have been bookmarked by a group of people, or any other feed that you want to analyse.

Here's how you do it:

<p>I hadn't seen or used the =importFeed spreadsheet forumla, so that was a big lesson in this Paul Bradshaw post. But also, there are some interesting possibilities with combining Delicious and Google Docs.</p></div>