Link: Anyone can do it. Data journalism is the new punk

Published 2012-12-14

1) This is a dataset

2) Here's another

3) Here are some free tools


OK, it lacks a certain 1976 grittiness, but the theory is there. You don't have to be a developer or a coder to be a data journalist.

When I first read this back in May I thought I was reminded of a Greg Linch post, or "three-chord song for journalists," a phrase I used in a project pitched during last summer's Knight-Mozilla Journalism Learning Lab.

I certainly didn't think for one second that I was less than three months away from being approached about, interviewed for and offered a position as a data journalist.

Reading it now, and in combination with this thought-starter from Heather Billings and the resulting conversation...


When a guy's dev skills fall short, does he have "I don't deserve this job" thoughts? I've only observed it in myself+female coder friends.

— Heather Billings (@hbillings) December 14, 2012


...I am more convinced than ever that while I have learned that I can learn how to find solutions to some elementary things, in order to "graduate" into someone who practices a "craft" in this field I will need to double down on time and practice and time and practice.