Link: 10 Lessons for Newsrooms: On Accuracy and Apologies

Published 2012-01-22

It’s easy to point a finger at a student news site that published inaccurate information. It’s humbling to see the managing editor there take responsibility and resign. It’s harder for the pros who run established newsrooms to look in the mirror and acknowledge where we’ve made mistakes. Harder still to share those lessons with our staffs and our community.

Carl Lavin's list is the makings of a great checklist that should be memorized by anyone committing acts of journalism in the digital age.

I'm left feeling that any news org with a policy on online breaking news and corrections, clarifications and retractions should post, promote and link to it if not doing so already.

Doing so -- in this day and age -- is as natural as putting contact information in the newspaper.

Those news orgs without such a policy would be right to find a boilerplate solution, customize it and adhere to it.