Is that @waynelarrivee's dagger I see before me? Cataloguing the dagger calls from the voice of the Green Bay Packers

Published 2011-09-09

Last night, Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren began their 13th season together as the radio voices of the Packers Radio Network, and among myself and my friends, the Larrivee dagger call is something to behold. And this season, it's even got an apparel and Packer gear line devoted to it, with a portion of proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Wisconsin.

What's the dagger call?

Via Wikipedia

At crucial moments at the end of games, Larrivee refers to a clinching point as "The dagger", which is perhaps one step under the proverbial "nail in the coffin." For example, after the big play, he will say, "and there is your dagger!" This 'catch phrase' has become synonymous with Larrivee and it is believed that he is the announcer that has led a surge in other announcers' using the phrase as well. An incorrect 'dagger' has never been called.

That last line is remarkable, but in compiling data from all of 2010 dagger calls, I found one that came close.

Several folks have gathered together the audio clips from Larrivee, but I am interested in gathering information about the situations too; the players involved, how it went down. Basically, who applied the dagger, and who had it applied to them. Seems fan data & the NFL makes for an interesting project.

So here are the 13 daggers applied in 2010, and the first dagger of the 2011 season. Please add additional daggers if you'd like to.

My goal is to make it searchable, though I think I need more than one season in there.

Some methods I used:

What have I learned from 13 dagger calls?

PS - Larrivee says the dagger against New Orleans to open the 2011 season was the first untimed dagger.