Honoring the Journo-Tech-Comp-Trenuer

Published 2012-06-30

They’re called news geeks. They attend Hacks/Hackers meetups, hackathons and StartupWeekend events. They combine experiences as editors, journalists, programmers, developers and project managers into the ultimate mashup.

I’ve taken to calling these folks the Journo-Tech-Comp-Trenuer.

The ultimate Journo-Tech-Comp-Trenuer works where news, web development and startup culture intersect. Others work in startups, civic organizations and non-profits. Some simply build things in their free time. Some invest, while others seek out seed funding.

But a common thread, the basest trait among those I see as being Journo-Tech-Comp-Trenuers is that of sharing, whether knowledge, experiences and code. And aside from any technical prowess, the Journo-Tech-Comp-Trenuer knows how to learn, and knows how to help others learn how to learn. They inspire and are inspired.

And I think that’s because they know the ultimate lesson: Nearly anything can be learned and developed with enough time and practice.