@GoogleFT offers up several new code samples to get you started with your data maps

Published 2011-10-18

Every journalists' favorite data mapping tool from Google has added some new code examples to take advantage of in your Fusion Tables maps.

The samples & available code not only spark inspiration, but provide a nice launching point for going beyond the embedded Fusion Tables map and entering the land of combining Fusion Tables, javascript & the Maps API into a “data application.”

Google offers as much of a description:

An easy way to learn how to use an API can be to look at sample code. The table above provides links to some basic samples for each of the languages shown. This section highlights particularly interesting samples for the Fusion Tables API.

Speaking from experience, I learned to how to create maps combining Fusion Tables and Maps API and write javascript, I leaned heavily on these code samples and walkthroughs from others.

I’ve tried to gather my Fusion Tables knowledge here.

Don’t forget about Fusion Tables Layer Builder which is a quick way to generate the HTML and javascript to combine Fusion Tables and Maps API.

You can now find the following samples from Google FT:


Changing the layer on query

Spatial Queries

Dynamic Styling


“Super Advanced”

Additional Resources