Google+ adds features to Hangouts, gets service closer to Skype & UStream?

Published 2011-09-20

One part Skype, one part Apple FaceTime, Google+ Hangouts now allow users to video chat with up to ten people. The new mobile support for Hangouts means that you can chat on the go and start up hangouts from any device that supports Google+.

In addition to the mobile support, Hangouts have some new features like screensharing, so you can show off your vacation photos while you're chatting, or tap your inner artist with the sketchpad feature, which allows collaborative drawing and doodling. There's also support for Google Docs if you'd like to write or edit documents during your video chat.

<p>While it will take a while to see if this is practical, it does offer up some intriguing ideas about what could be...</p></div>