Fun with jQuery and my old fiction... Introducing The Raw Man

Published 2011-01-09

So of my goals for 2011, I managed to work on two of them this weekend as part of the same project: Doing something with all the old writing I have laying around -- an annual goal, believe me -- and learning to do more with javascript besides make an alert box pop up saying you clicked something.

I think I did ok with this presentation for The Raw Man, which I wrote back in 2002 after reading some Hemingway short stories.

Now I will never -- obviously -- reach the man's ability, but I wanted to convey mood and tone with stunted dialogue and limited imagery.

With the coding part of it, I figured out a couple jQuery functions and went to town. The scripting is nowhere near as efficient as it could be.

The click function runs seven or eight times based on each specific ID, but it's what I could do with the time I had. Figuring out how to traverse the div structure to isolate each ID and then run when $(this) happens within one tight function will have to come another time.

But all said, I identified a project that I could finish, and saw it through despite knowing I could make it better. That is a step for me and my rampant expectations of things.

Now, onto Packers football. Payback time for 2003 at Lambeau and 4th and 26.