From my @evernote Stash: @mattwaite's "Molten content, data ghettos and why your CMS problems are an excuse, not a reason"

Published 2011-08-23

The other component of the data ghetto that bothers me is that you can’t find that data outside the ghetto. Please, someone point me to a place where there’s dynamic content being fed to the story level pages. I have yet to see where someone’s crime data is being fed into a story about a crime, i.e. a map of murders from the data ghetto’s crime application dynamically generated on a story page about a murder. Or a list of the largest donors to a politician from a campaign finance app on a story about a politician.

And that seems to be a problem we’re creating for ourselves — we’re only thinking about getting the data online, not about what to do next. Or about what else could we do with our data. Or what could someone else do with it if we let them. We’re content with a couple of search boxes, a button and a results page. And we’re content to leave it right where we put it.

Reading this again with new knowledge makes me want to run through the streets shouting "Yes!"