Fresh from Posterous

Published 2013-02-16

This is my first post using Octopress, which comes after folks finally decided to pull the plug on Posterous. It was announced yesterday that it will be shutting down on April 30, some 13 months after Twitter acquired the platform, or rather the talent that built the platform.

As I wrote in my last post on Posterous, I enoyed using it because it stayed out of my way… I didn't feel the need to fiddle with the layout, or adjust the admin or mess around with plugins. It let me just write posts… Maybe not as many as I'd like to, but posts nonetheless. And I stuck with it to a certain degree.

I spent some time considering going back to Tumblr, and I found this promising platform called Snipt. Heck I even installed WordPress for spell.

But all in all I like the idea of Octopress, of something that will continue to stay out of my way and just let me write, of something that will lets write in markdown which is then compiled into static HTML.

Time will tell.

I can say Posterous served me well at a certain point in my life, a time when I was learning to learn, code, program and teach/show others, and I'll have an archive of that. Now it's time to find something new.

I did take some steps to prepare for a day I figured was coming.