Feeding sanity as opposed to your feed reader

Published 2011-09-06

Dare I say it, but the quality of my life and work improved when I went without RSS. And I think it might for you, too.

This post gave me some solid ideas to build on so I can begin combatting an affliction I am calling idadd or internet driven attention deficit disorder.

The best thing is it doesn't require medication. It just requires tuning out all of the information-based distraction I have added to my life in the name of "learning."

The writer advocates following sites that don't update as often or those maintained by friends as opposed to those sites that offer 10 or more updates per day.

Now obviously this isn't one-size fits all, but selective pruning along some of the guidelines set forth has slimmed my RSS diet from 123 feeds to under 95. And we'll go from there.