Every idea needs a diagram, and every diagram needs a thing...

Published 2011-07-20

A “six degrees of separation” database, nwsmkr will combine a journalist’s curated notes with public contributions & social APIs to visualize connections and distinctions between public figures, providing a new storytelling method for news organizations.


...But what is the thing in this case?

I've asked myself a lot of questions... I think I have some inkling of the answers, though I dread the how...

I took an informal creative writing workshop titled "Take Your Characters out to Dinner." The basis of the book were a series of writing exercises designed to do just what it sounds like: Get to know your characters better.

There has to be an analogy, and perhaps it's as easy as constantly writing and thinking about it in order to find some essence of the thing?

Seems straight forward and not rocket science... Still a good reminder.