Constructive comments on online news articles... perhaps...?

Published 2011-11-20

NFL owners and administration are doing exactly what is good for their business model. You can't see the players' faces, you can't tell them apart from style, they can't have unique celebrations... it's a blurred blob except to fantasy football owners. Team and symbol > individuals. Gives the benefits to the ownership and league. 

 NBA markets on star power and they suffer from it as much as they benefit from it. It's a smart business move from the NFL standpoint to snuff out any individuality. Only carefully picked out players will benefit from marketing.

<p>This is a comment to an ESPN Chicago post about Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett being told "he will not be allowed on the field if he wears the [orange] shoes again."

It might be the most insightful, constructive comment I have ever read, and frankly makes me wish this individual would comment on every news story on the internet... or at least teach a class.