Can we add connotations to the Print vs. Digital debate so we don't have to keep bringing it up?

Published 2011-09-18

I will say that I dislike the “print-vs.-online” dichotomy that dominates these discussions. Online does a lot of things better than print. And print still does things better than online. It's not a matter of one or the other. It's using both to be the best journalist possible.
<p>I look forward to the day when the above statement is a given. When it's automatically part of the Print vs. Digital argument. When we won't have repeat it to those who want to believe we're saying it has to be print or it has to be digital.

It's about the container. I like coffee in a travel mug. You like coffee in a paper cup. There are benefits to both our choices. One isn't right, and one isn't wrong.

Besides, it's about how you brew the coffee.