California dreams... they're a bit crazy...

Published 2012-11-16

Been having the craziest dreams since moving out west...

So last night in my dreams they were releasing Halo 27 or something like that, and all day people were getting ready for it, including our ex-landlords who were packing up their house.

And as a part of it video game release they had a live TV special to celebrate it, and some guy in a suit was talking about the video game and then he opened this huge door and from far away you saw this figure that looked like the character in the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers -- the guy running towards the Deeping Wall who blows it up with a torch -- and he actually runs through the TV into real-life. He took out my dad and my uncle and suddenly there's like millions of this guy running around the world.

Next thing I know I'm out in the street, and most people are dressed up in camo and they have weapons and somehow I have a weapon and a guy from high school sees me and shouts -- he's got a weapon -- and I must have missed something by not playing the game because if you didn't see the secret message at the end of Halo 26 you weren't going to be prepared and couldn't be after the fact.

So I eventually surrender my weapon and then I wander around. Eventually I call some guy I used to work with to ask what happens next and he said he was at home getting ready for the electric sky show and I hung up bewildered. And then the electric sky show started and I said holy crap... and then I woke up.