As Twitter acquires Posterous, I guess I have some work to do...

Published 2012-03-12

Blogging and sharing company Posterous has announced via its company blog that it has been snagged by Twitter in an apparent ‘acqui-hire', with Twitter interested mostly in the people, not the product. Various Posterous engineers, product managers and more will join the Twitter team and the existing ‘Spaces' that users have will remain up and running for now.
<p>I don't think this bodes well for me and so many others. I began using Posterous for three main reasons:

- It stayed out of my way, and allowed me to focus on writing.
- I could post from anywhere.
- I could cross post to anything.

I think I'll wait to see the export options before making a move from Posterous to -- Tumblr? -- whatever lightweight platform might exist, but I'm hoping there's something that is comparable.